Tuesday, May 20, 2014


Amazon Says: Dr. Charlotte Reese works in the intensive care unit of Seattle’s Beacon Hospital, tending to patients with the most life-threatening illnesses and injuries. Her job is to battle death—to monitor erratic heartbeats, worry over low oxygen levels, defend against infection and demise. 

One night a Jane Doe is transferred to her care from a rural hospital on the Olympic Peninsula. This unidentified patient remains unconscious, the victim of a hit and run. As Charlotte and her team struggle to stabilize her, the police search for the driver who fled the scene. 

Days pass, Jane’s condition worsens, and her identity remains a mystery. As Charlotte finds herself making increasingly complicated medical decisions that will tie her forever to Jane’s fate, her usual professional distance evaporates. She’s plagued by questions: Who is Jane Doe? Why will no one claim her? Who should decide her fate if she doesn’t regain consciousness—and when? 

Perhaps most troubling, Charlotte wonders if a life locked in a coma is a life worth living. 

Enlisting the help of her boyfriend, Eric, a science journalist, Charlotte impulsively sets out to uncover Jane Doe’s past. But the closer they get to the truth, the more their relationship is put to the test. It is only when they open their hearts to their own feelings toward each other—and toward life itself—that Charlotte and Eric will unlock Jane Doe’s shocking secret, and prepare themselves for a miracle. 

So, I've been reading a lot lately (surprise, surprise), and I realize that I'm not always remembering what I read. I'm going to start doing mini reviews of books to help me digest what I read and to REMEMBER what I read. 

I pre-ordered this book and was SO.EXCITED to read it because I love the authors first book, Oxygen. She wrote a second one, Healer, that was good, as well. 

I received this book on the day it came out. 
In March. 
And JUST now read it. Why? I was anticipating that it would be SO GOOD that I wanted to savor it, to not be disappointed. 

Unfortunately, I was kind of disappointed. 

The story is told from alternating viewpoints - primarily Charlotte and another character. At first, it was confusing. After the plot started to develop, it made more sense. 

I was anticipating that the book would be more medical-ethics, and less of a story plot. Also, there were some plot twists and story lines that came in towards the last half of the book, and I don't feel like they were resolved very well. 

Overall, I'm glad I read this book. It was written beautifully, even if it was a tad wordy at times. I wish that it didn't alternate narrators, but instead stuck with Charlotte, but it was a good read. I give it 3.5 stars. 

Up next? "You Should Have Known" by Jean Hanff Korelity

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